March 23, 2016

A Dragging Debate - The Philippines Next President

Photo by unattributed; Published by Rickey, Mallory & Company, Cincinnati. (Indiana University) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I was watching the presidential debate in the Philippines, and I must say that it’s quite disappointing. The debate seems to be a platform for dragging down opponents instead to be a platform for ideas.

A debate should be a battle of quality of thoughts and concreteness of plans. Debate should showcase evidence of timeline in which projects would be executed. Debate should pave way to discovery of a president who has the greatest outlook for the country in the next five years.

The key to success of the next government is concreteness. Filipinos would no longer tolerate false hope and flowery words without supporting evidence. Filipinos know that the government can do more if and only if the government leaders focus on improving the lives of the people and not their personal well being. We need a servant leader whose happiness depends on the quality of life of his or her fellow Filipinos.

I love this line from Adam Smith and hope that leaders of this country would think about; that is: no society would be truly happy with a portion of its citizen down to poverty.

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