March 10, 2016

Economics of Entertainment in the Philippines

kneeling carabao
Philippines Carabao Festival by Judgefloro (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Filipinos are good supporters of entertainment; Filipinos love to be entertained. Soap Operas are very popular in the country which shows the lighter side of life despite the hardship in the real world. Noon time shows are also very popular in the country supported by bulk of advertisements. Filipinos are excellent entertainers, yet, despite the psychological comfort that it provides to some people, does it really improve the lives of the audience? For example, does watching TV increase productivity next day or does it result to the reverse? Or in other terms, did the viewer solve his economic or financial problem after watching the TV show?

Entertainment is a business and will always be a business. Producing shows involve cost; the show needs to recover its cost or else there will be no show. This means that a show must attract many audience or else the show will fail because the more the audience, the more the advertisement; the higher the profit. If media is benefiting from the audience financially, does the audience benefit from the media, financially as well? After spending years of watching TV shows, did the lives of the poor improved? These are critical questions which could influence the economic development of the country thru the use of mass media.

In the Philippines he who controls the media controls and influences the actions of the many, thus, mass media has big role to play in promoting productive society. There was this common scenario in the Philippines where poor fanatics fall in line for more than 24 hours just to see their favorite celebrities; this validates how media can influence the thinking and emotions of the mass.

Festival is a form of entertainment in the Philippines that promotes tourism and in turn creates business to the celebrating province. It goes with the saying that Filipinos need to get out and be entertained while working.

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