August 29, 2016

Developing Philippines Mobility

By View751 (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Some critics will not agree, but Philippines is set for upward trajectory – the basic reason is that, Philippines has many rooms for growth. Other countries might appear to reach the peak, but Philippines is still on the verge of growth; and there are lot of things to be done. The country can choose to reach the peak slowly or at the speed of light, which is much connected to mobility – how fast the society can move.

Traffic jams can limit mobility, does a time lost – one of the most precious resources of the world. In developed economies, mobility is well valued, people will not spend long hours just to fall in line and rush to a transport vehicle when one arrives. In a developed country, you’ll have a train system that arrives every 2-3 minutes with enough space to cover all passengers. The train systems has entrance and exit in different strategic locations where hearts of local development are present. Imagine all provinces and cities of the Philippines connected by single state of the art affordable train system, this will surely pave the way to a mobile society.

The speed of light free flowing internet information would contribute to personal development. With free access to internet, people will be able to learn new things and share ideas at a lower cost. The development of free online education is a breakthrough in learning process which is now offered to the whole world. Today is the age where high grade information is pinned at the corners of the web (the internet), just little dose of curiosity (or searching) is required and answers to the problem can be found.

It is a dream of the society to move freely and learn without boundaries, this can be achieved when proper policies and infrastructure is put in place. 

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  1. Philippines has to do it one step at a time


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