January 26, 2017

From TV to Internet to Creating

Man Uses Laptop By Bill Branson (Photographer) - A Caucasian male uses his laptop computer at his desk. A desktop computer with dual monitors is visible in the background. Commons Licensing: Public Domain

90s babies witnessed the boom of television and internet. Nowadays, people are learning that they can be part of the media; from passive (TV) to interactive media (internet) everyone can post a photo to Facebook and as a result entertain someone. A person can post a video in Youtube and as result educate someone about a thing. A writer can create a blog and influence the world. A software developer can share his app in android market and help someone to become productive. An entrepreneur can go to e-commerce website and sell his products. A recording artist can share his music to music streaming application and earn from it. A service provider can go to freelancer website and provide his service.

With technology, people can pursue their passion while earning, this can be leapfrog to a productive society. For example, if your passion is cooking you can post a video about food; if your passion is wood working you can post a video about creating furniture; if your passion is about plants you can post videos about gardening. If you can’t create videos, you can write your passion on blog sites. You can profit from your videos and write-ups by allowing advertisements. But it is important to note that your earning in internet depends on the quality (sometimes quantity) of work and marketing (promotion) & creative efforts as well. Internet is not instant millionaire maker, but better than without, it helps start-ups to pursue their passion and build their business.

When you have found your passion internet is a great place to start.

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