June 2, 2017

Attack in Resorts World: Strengthening Philippines Security

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[Updated] Recent news suggests that, that Philippines security is being challenge. Yesterday, Thursday night, June 1, 2017 (other news source indicated Friday Morning), a gunman attacked (fired shots and set fire) Resorts World Manila resulting to death of 35 bodies (others reported 36 death)  (source: ABS-CBN, CNN, and Manila Bulletin). Authorities have disclaimed that the attack was from terrorist group citing that the cause was more related to rubbery.

Whether it is a terrorist or rubbery attack, the scenario is generally a public security issue; yet, it cannot be conclude as major security threat since that affected is less than 1% (or even make it 2%) of the population (our population is more than 100M). Our country has experienced many types of terror and crime in the past years, this is not different. While many mourn for the lost, it is important to have an objective look at the scenario so it would not happen again.

We have seen major efforts to improve security in this country, it is just, there are criminals, terrorist and others that keep on improving their tactics as well; even developed countries have a share of difficulty of stopping these people. At the end of the day, we have to keep moving and improving the security measures in this country for a better tomorrow and for peace.  

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