July 24, 2017

Thoughts: Second State of the Nation of President Duterte

Photo by Presidential Communications Operations Office [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I have watched the second state of nation of President Rodrigo Duterte and I must say that it went well specially when it comes to highlighting the national sovereignty and political & economic challenges in the country. I subscribe to the idea that there are lot of things to be done and that the patience of the public is now being challenge. When it comes to Martial Law, I still believe that “you cannot impose martial law forever in Mindanao”, thus it should be time bound, and should not violate the democratic rights of the public. Yet, I think that the public sees that there is a legitimate reason why Martial Law is being implemented in Mindanao right-now.

In this present age, radicalism will not be the solution to clustered problems being faced by the country. We need to open our eyes that the problems we are seeing now is the result of the past and the only solution is to be part of the solution. We have to accept that the past government has failed create an inclusive development (even though each administration has its own economic projects and contributions) and the only thing we can do right now is to strive hard to find solution to our own economic problems.

Filipinos are patient (resilient) this is the main trait that has made our society survive. We need to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem; today is the day (or maybe in the future) that each every Filipino will realize that he or she has a role in solving the problems of the country. The society should have realize by now that the government cannot do everything (but the government can help). The only way to a true development lies on our hands, the role of the government is to support the society in all its power.

What I said is idealism and opinion, but I believe that we have to act now rather that wait for the government solve our problems – this is the reality. But I understand as well that each every Filipino has the right to demand from the government what is due for them.

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  1. National sovereignty is the right term; Philippines is a free country we should not let other countries dictate what our country should be; they should not judge our government and our country based on their standard. They have right for their own opinion but not to judge and control our country.


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