April 13, 2018

ICC Should Not Intervene with PH Government

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The International Criminal Court (ICC) continues to conduct preliminary investigation against President Duterte’s war on drugs; Duterte retaliates by saying that it will have the members of ICC arrested in the Philippines if it continues to investigate government’s anti-illegal drug campaign (source: ABS-CBN News). As of March 20, 2018, 4,075 individuals have died out 91,704 anti-illegal drug campaign operations in the Philippines (source: PDEA).

I would say that ICC should not intervene with Philippines government, first, Philippines is a sovereign country, we have our own government; we have a judicial system to investigate matters that violates the law. On my opinion, ICC should focus on countries which has no stable judicial system (less developed countries). If the President of the Philippines has committed a crime, it should not be the ICC to decide if the president is guilty or not; the people of the Philippines should decide through the intervention of local justice system, since the crime was committed against the Filipinos.

Philippines judicial system is perfectly functioning, we have cases more than drug killings that our judicial system has resolved. Our judiciary has jailed powerful people: presidents; senators; congressman.

The people of the Philippines will surely appreciate ICC’s thoughtfulness with regards to human rights of the Filipinos, but if the thoughts threatens the sovereignty of the country, by being controlling rather suggestive, and makes the country incompetent in the eyes of other nation; then ICC should start thinking if what they are doing is helpful to world.

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