August 17, 2018

The Beggar Community

Recently I was walking in the streets of Makati and saw some beggars (along Makati Medical, Dela Rosa St.). The beggars look like they came from the province; my suspicion is that they were natives. I saw in their paper cups (were the passerby put coins) that their earnings were not so decent. I asked myself if this begging phenomenon is due to laziness or is it something that needs government intervention. 

There is a theory that I associate with begging, that is, lack of nutrition and education could result to begging phenomenon. Even though if the person is at age to work and has the physical capability, if his brain does not function well due to lack of nutrition or food, the person will have difficulty of finding solution to his or her problem, which in this case finding a job. Also, hot temperature in the Philippines which drains the energy of the beggars in the side-walk adds to the problem.

Begging results to poverty cycle; even though the beggar earns by begging money, it doesn’t uplift the standard of living of the person. The beggar earns some amount of money to buy small amount of food and the next day he is in the street to ask for alms again, the cycle continues and it never ends. There is only one solution I see, and that is for government to intervene by feeding and providing livelihood education to these people. 

The begging phenomenon is not only present in the streets; it is also present in the neighborhoods and slums. This should be addressed strategically, since this has been a problem of the country in the past decades. If poor people have poor nutrition, how could you expect them to think of right solution, if the normal homes in the subdivisions feel the heat of the sun, how much more are the homes of those in the slums? The climate and lack of nutrition in poor families results to inescapable poverty – because food and shelter is two of the most important basic needs for development.


  1. In addition, a proper education is a must, for them to know how to manage their life.

    1. An education that doesn't require a degree. I'm stating that they should have a proper education wherein they'll be able to know what will be the right things to do. After all, they will have that idea that proper nutrition is a need for them to think well. The knowledge is important so that they will apply all the things we want to recommend for their own good.

  2. There are so many educated and intelligent people in our government, and I was wondering why they can't cut down the numbers of poor people in our country. I know for a fact that our government have assigned an agencies to dealt on this problem, and unfortunately all their effort in resolving the problem were futile. Our government can't win the battle of poverty without the support from YOU.

  3. The ideology that people are poor because they are lazy cannot be an explanation to poverty being experienced by the country, If the government will not help the poor they will remain poor. The government cannot assume that poor people are rational enough to resolve their problems, they need help, they been in the poverty cycle in the past decades, the only solution is to help them.


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