November 28, 2018

Buying Gifts this Christmas the Right Way

Christmas is coming and most of us are excited to buy gifts for our love ones. As early as now, many people are looking to receive their bonuses, some are already packing their gifts while other are on the hunt for unique gifts for their love ones. Truly, there is nothing compared on how Filipinos celebrate Christmas, we look forward to this day because we know that this will bring happiness to each and everyone; we associate this season to peace and sharing.

Yet, despite the happiness Christmas brings, we must be rational (intelligent) enough when it comes to spending. Admit it or not, spending is one of the activities that makes Christmas fun, it is the feeling of abundance, the feeling that you can buy almost everything with your bonuses (13th month and/or 14th month pay) that gives the spender the feeling of freedom. However, despite the feeling of freedom we get from extra cash, it is still important to be cautious on what to buy. 

Sometimes we buy things because its cheap; or we buy things because it is expensive, believing it has the best quality. In buying gifts this Christmas, we must be rational in choosing. Certainly, not all cheap gift are high quality; and high quality gift does not necessarily need to be expensive. The secret to being an intelligent buyer is to know the things  you are buying. The following questions will help in choosing your gifts:

1. What is the materials of the item? Is it high quality? What is the feedback/comment of other people who bough the same item?

2. Does the person have the gift in his possession? (Thus, giving the gift to the person will just be redundant)

3. How unique is the gift? Is the gift something new? A product of innovation?

4. Will the gift help the person you are giving? Is it useful?

5. Will the gift last forever? Is the gift treasure-able?

Buying things means showing our support for the item, thus, we must choose to support goods and services that  brings real value to people rather than things that are easily broken and most of the time turns into trash. With  the technology in our hands, we can now do research on things we buy; all of us can now be an intelligent consumers.

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