December 4, 2018

Traveling the World in Your Home

Viewing Tokyo using Google Street View

While most of the travel enthusiasts will agree that traveling physically from one place to another; from one country to another country; is the holy grail of traveling, there is another way in which a person can observe a country without living his home. This method is much cheaper and much efficient compared to physical traveling. 

In the height of technology, Google introduced Street View where-in you can view different streets, cities, and towns of the world in three dimensional using your phone. With this technology, you can observe different cities, understand their infrastructure without physically visiting the city. This is an equivalent of travelling but much cheaper and efficient. With Google Street View, you can roam around the cities of London, New York, Seoul, Tokyo, in less than one hour without spending a dime.

So how can you use Google Street View to view different cities around the world? 

1. Download Google Maps in Android Play Store; if you have already the app in your phone, make sure that it is updated.

2. Click the app and search the city you want to visit; in below example I have searched for Tokyo, Japan.

3. Use your finger to pin the location that you want to visit; in below example I have pin the location at the center of Tokyo.

4. Click the picture (with 360 degree logo) in the lower left portion of the app.

5. Upon clicking the photo, a three dimensional photo will appear. You can now roam the streets of the location you have pinned (in this example Tokyo, Japan) and observe their infrastructure using the arrows on the screen.

In the past, people have no way to see different places, but only by visiting them physically. Now with the breakthrough in technology, we can now study and understand different places at very low cost, but much efficient than physically walking all day long in the streets. This break through in travelling places virtually will help us understand the differences in the city infrastructure and design; which will help us understand which practices and design can be adopted for improvement of our own cities and towns. 

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