Dear Sponsors,

Philippine Economist, a website start-up, is seeking sponsorship for website development. The funds that will be pooled from sponsorship will be use to improve the whole website including research articles and development data tools such as index, country data, development data, and the likes. In return, the sponsors are entitled for advertisement that will last for six (6) years.

The advertisement can be in any form, e.g. company logo, customize ads, text ads, and the likes which can be link to a website. The sponsor advertisement will be present in all pages of Philippine Economist at the bottom part of the page. Here are the actual sizes of sponsor advertisement:

For an amount of 5,000 Pesos (100 USD), sponsors are entitled for 200 x 112 px advertisement. If the sponsor wishes to contribute higher amount, 10,000 Pesos (200 USD) will entitle him or her for 300 x 168 px advertisement. Furthermore, greater than 10,000 Pesos (200 USD) contribution will entitle the sponsor to 350 x 196 px advertisement.

For interested sponsors, you may email us at economist@phileconomist.com.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter. Rest assure that we will continue to develop Philippine Economist website in the years to come.


Philippine Economist