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About the Index

This report measures the short term risk of Philippines stocks using an index. The higher the index number the higher the risk while lower number means lower risk. The index measures the risk associated with price volatility and ease of liquidation.

In this report Philippine Economist classified risk into six (6) levels: very low, low, medium, med-high, high, and very high. The level was determined based on the lowest and highest risk recorded in Philippine Economist database.

risk level diagram

Note: Investment has different level of risk; but risk is not the only factor for investment. Please read the disclaimer before proceeding to the report. For questions and suggestions, email us at

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Note: By clicking the header (company, symbol, opening price, closing price, risk index, price growth) you can sort the data from A-Z or highest to lowest and vice versa. Use Ctrl F keyboard shortcut to find a stock. Closing Price are in Peso and Price Growth = [(Closing Price-Opening Price)/Closing Price].